Statement: Jaguar Land Rover

Like many local residents, I am deeply concerned by the latest news about potential job reductions at Jaguar Land Rover. Their Lode Lane plant is one of our town’s biggest employers, and part of what makes Solihull such a strong exporting town.

JLR is obviously under pressure on several fronts, facing both economic uncertainty at home and a fall in demand for exports overseas. Moreover, the fallout from the Volkswagen emissions scandal continues to unfairly penalise companies which manufacture clean, modern diesel vehicles of the sort which roll of the production lines at Lode Lane.

I will continue to use my position in the House of Commons to speak up for the best interests of motorists and car manufacturers, specifically by backing a Brexit deal which supports our exporters and pushing ministers to ensure that proper support for transitional technologies such as clean diesel is included in the Government’s plans for shifting over to electric cars.