Julian Knight's Westminster Diary, 19/03/20

Last week, Public Health England (PHE) published their latest advice to people about when, and how, to self-isolate if any of us start showing symptoms of coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.

Julian Knight's Westminster Diary, 12/03/20

Solihull’s official motto is ‘Urbs in Rure’. Meaning ‘the town in the countryside’, it nicely sums up our community’s special place at the boundary between the great urban centres of the West Midlands and the beautiful landscapes of rural Warwickshire.

Julian Knight's Westminster Diary, 20/02/20

I was recently elected as Chair of Parliament’s cross-party Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport Select Committee. This means I have a duty to hold the Government to account on a broad range of subjects, including keeping people safe online.

Julian Knight's Westminster Diary, 13/02/20

Last week, I stood up in the House of Commons and pressed the Government on what steps it is taking to ensure that nobody ever has the opportunity to repeat the horrifying crimes of Dr Ian Paterson.

Julian Knight's Westminster Diary, 30/01/20

Last Wednesday, I stood up in the House of Commons and challenged Boris Johnson directly about what he and the Government are doing to fix our broadband.

Julian Knight's Westminster Diary, 16/01/20

The past few years have sometimes put the spotlight on what divides us. But if there’s one thing that can really bring us together as a nation, it’s sport.

Julian Knight's Westminster Diary, 09/01/20

Parliament is back for a new term – and with a new purpose. After too many months and years of dither and delay, there is finally a clear majority to deliver on the referendum.