Boundary Changes

The Boundary Commission for England, responsible for reviewing the boundaries of Parliamentary constituencies in England, has unveiled the new constituency boundaries for Solihull. As part of the review, Solihull will now be divided into two distinct successor constituencies.

The primary population of Solihull will be integrated into the newly minted Solihull West and Shirley constituency. This name change, from "Solihull" to "Solihull West & Shirley," is the result of a successful campaign by Julian to duly acknowledge the significant contribution and unique character of the Shirley community.

Solihull West & Shirley will comprise the following wards:

  • Blythe
  • Lyndon
  • Olton
  • Shirley South
  • Shirley West
  • St Alphage

Meriden & Solihull East constituency will be composed of:

  • Elmdon
  • Silhill
  • Knowle
  • Dorridge & Hockley Heath
  • Meriden
  • Bickenhill
  • Chemsley Wood
  • Kingshurst and Fordbridge

Julian Knight MP said:

"I am thrilled that, following my successful campaign over the previous months, The Boundary Commission for England have decided to rename the constituency to Solihull West & Shirley. While I am delighted that the name gives recognition to the people of Shirley - a place known for its distinct character, vibrant community, and notably its lovely residents - I am saddened to be losing Silhill & Elmdon from my constituency however it has been a great privilege to serve these wards, and I remain committed to representing their interests and welfare up until the next general election."

The changes do not take effect until the next General Election.

For more information:

2023 Review | Boundary Commission for England (