Local MP presses for more action on Jaguar Land Rover

Last week Julian Knight, the MP for Solihull, secured and opened a special debate in the House of Commons on the recent challenges facing Jaguar Land Rover.

Speaking for almost 15 minutes, he explained to ministers and other MPs the real driving forces behind the recent job reductions at JLR’s local plant, and outlined some practical, common-sense measures the Government could adopt to offer car manufacturers the stability and certainty they need in the years ahead.

Julian also highlighted how modern ‘clean diesel’ engines were just as clean as their petrol counterparts, and warned that failing to distinguish between these and older, higher-polluting models risked undermining progress towards cleaner air and electrification.

He has previously held numerous face-to-face meetings on this subject with senior Cabinet ministers, including the Chancellor, the Environment Secretary, and the Business Secretary.

Speaking after the debate, Julian Knight said:

“Jaguar Land Rover has played an enormous role in Solihull over the years, and continues to employ thousands of workers at its Lode Lane plant. Ours is a town proud to be home to such an iconic British brand, and to be one of only a handful to enjoy a trade surplus in goods with the European Union.

“As we prepare to leave the EU and chart a new course in the world, it is more important than ever that we nurture and support flagship British exporters and the communities that depend on them.

“Clean, modern diesel cars have a crucial role to play in helping us make the transition away from fossil fuels, and I will continue to use my position in Parliament to help make sure Solihull remains such a great place to invest, create jobs, and do business.”