Local MP calls for steps to reduce firework trauma to pets

Julian Knight MP has spoken up in support of a proposal by the Dogs Trust to make local councils across the country take animal distress into account when licencing fireworks displays.

Speaking at a special Westminster debate brought about by a petition of over 100,000 people calling for greater fireworks control, he argued that “local authorities take into consideration the location of public displays when granting a licence and require that it be well publicised in the surrounding area.”

According to a survey by the Dogs Trust, 93 per cent of pet owners alter their plans during fireworks displays to minimise trauma to their animals. Proper publicity for council-run events not only gives them time to prepare, but may reduce the number of unplanned, private displays too.

After the debate the Dogs Trust thanked Julian for supporting their call for more considerate treatment for pet owners.

Commenting on the debate, Julian Knight said:

“In Solihull we have a record of delivering fun, well-organised fireworks events. However sadly this is not always the case in other parts of the country.

Therefore I’m keen to see the Government and local councils come together to see how we can ease the burden of fireworks on pet owners and, crucially, our emergency services. 

“Many constituents have contacted me privately about the inappropriate use of fireworks in our community, and I’ll be liaising with the police and the council to see how we can curb this sort of anti-social behaviour.”