Local MP backs ‘Silver Sunday’ campaign

Julian Knight MP has backed the nationwide campaign to celebrate older people – and wants Solihull to get involved.

Silver Sunday, scheduled for October 6th, aims to bring together local businesses, charities, schools, faith and community groups, and young people to make older citizens feel valued.

All are encouraged to put on events and activities to give them new opportunities to get out, keep their minds and bodies active, learn new skills, make new friends, and connect with the communities and generations around them. Organisations which already work with older people can also take this opportunity to showcase what they do.

This year, the organisers are hoping to double their impact, with 2,000 events reaching over 100,000 older people.

Commenting on the news, Julian Knight said:

“I’m very pleased to give my full support to the Silver Sunday campaign, and I have no doubt that Solihull will rise to the occasion. This is just the sort of voluntary, community effort which time and again has showcased the very best of our town.

“Older residents have so much to contribute, and have put so much into our country, that it is only right that we take the time to make sure that they are properly looked after. I have always spoken up on issues which affect them in the Commons, especially fraud, and will continue to do so for as long as I am lucky enough to represent Solihull.”