Julian Knight re-selected to fight for Solihull in Parliament

Julian Knight is delighted to have been re-selected as the Conservative Party Candidate for Solihull at the upcoming general election.

At a special meeting of the local Conservatives on Friday night Julian, who served as MP for Solihull since the 2015 election, was unanimously endorsed to stand again in June.

Speaking after the meeting, Julian said:

“It’s been a real privilege to represent Solihull in Parliament for the last two years, and I’m honoured to have the opportunity to stand again at this general election. If re-elected I promise to continue to provide a strong local voice for our community in the House of Commons.

“Only Theresa May is offering this country the strong, stable leadership we need to secure our strong economy and make a success of Brexit. These negotiations with Brussels will have big implications for our economy, particularly our exporters, so it’s vital that we have a firm hand at the tiller and a clear plan to deliver on the verdict of the EU referendum.

“The only alternative to Theresa May and the Conservatives is a coalition of chaos with Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister propped up by Tim Farron’s Liberal Democrats, who refuse to respect the British people’s decision to leave the EU, and Nicola Sturgeon’s Scottish Nationalists, who want to break up our country.”

Councillor Mark Parker, Chairman of Solihull Conservative Association, added:

“I’m delighted that Julian has been chosen as our candidate in the forthcoming election. Over the past two years he has proven himself time and again as a tireless and very effective campaigner for Solihull.

“Since 2015 he’s not only helped thousands of residents with a huge range of issues, but he’s achieved one of the best activity records for new MPs in the House of Commons as well. A Conservative vote in June is not just a vote for Theresa May and strong national leadership, but for a great local champion too.”