As you may have seen, the government has changed the rules on meeting with other households following a rise in cases of Covid-19.

From Monday, gatherings will be restricted to just six people, whether that’s indoors, outdoors, or in parks and gardens.

Schools and workplaces, weddings, funerals and organised team sports will be exempt from these limits. The government has promised to publish further guidance on these exemptions soon.

There are also some additional changes happening here in Solihull.

Locally, we’ve had a rapid increase in Covid-19 cases – from just 84 in the whole of August, to 115 since the start of September.

Solihull Council have implemented the following measures to combat this rise:

  • More inspections of pubs, bars and restaurants to check compliance, using legal powers where needed.
  • Rapid follow-up of public complaints and reports of any venues linked to local cases.
  • Working with the police to safely manage local events and using legal powers to stop any that are a risk to public health.
  • High-vis street teams to talk to people and businesses to reinforce testing & social distancing.
  • Promoting a strong message in public places, hoardings and on social media around ‘Let’s do the right thing for Solihull’ to make it clear that we need everyone to step up fast to control the virus.
  • Local contact tracing alongside the national Test and Trace scheme to rapidly identify outbreaks.

Additionally, Solihull Council and the NHS Birmingham and Solihull CCG have made the decision to suspend visits to Solihull’s care homes with immediate effect. This position will be reviewed weekly, until the risk of introducing Covid-19 to care homes reduces again. Further details of all Solihull’s local restrictions can be found HERE.