Knight welcomes legal lock on NHS funding boost

Julian Knight MP has welcomed the news that the Conservative Government has delivered on its manifesto pledge to enshrine the historic £33.9 billion funding boost for the NHS into law.

Julian Knight's Westminster Diary, 16/01/20

The past few years have sometimes put the spotlight on what divides us. But if there’s one thing that can really bring us together as a nation, it’s sport.

Julian Knight's Westminster Diary, 09/01/20

Parliament is back for a new term – and with a new purpose. After too many months and years of dither and delay, there is finally a clear majority to deliver on the referendum.

Julian Knight's Westminster Diary, 24/10/19

Last week I once again spoke up for the car industry and motorists across the UK. Responding to the Queen’s Speech, I urged people when they talk about emissions to have an honest and rounded debate and the need to look at things scientifically and practically.