Julian Knight's Westminster Diary, 05/11/18

Last week Philip Hammond presented this year’s Budget to the House of Commons. It’s one of biggest Parliamentary events of the year, and there were several important announcements which I know will be very welcome here in Solihull.

Local MP welcomes social care funding boost

Julian Knight MP has welcomed the Government’s decision to release £240 million of additional funding for local authorities to spend on adult social care – which will include £870,356 earmarked for Solihull Council.

Knight backs calls to ban eating dog meat

Julian Knight MP has offered his support to calls to ban the consumption of dog meat in the United Kingdom as an example to the rest of the world.

Local MP calls for reform to MPs’ oath

Julian Knight MP has called for new MPs to receive extensive, compulsory training in how to run and office and manage their team – and for their oath of office to include a pledge to respect staff.

Parties unite over Green party courting BNP votes

Julian Knight MP has joined Labour in condemning Green Councillor, Chris Williams’ DIY guide to trick and attract BNP voters into supporting the Greens, and is calling on the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party to distance themselves from the remarks.