Julian Knight's Westminster Diary, 22/06/18

In the aftermath of the Volkswagen scandal, you might never guess that modern diesel engines burn just as cleanly – if not more so – than their petrol counterparts.

Julian Knight's Westminster Diary, 21/06/18

Last week, I stood up in the House of Commons and asked the Government to acknowledge the vital role that clean diesel has to play in any sensible strategy for reducing carbon emissions.

Local MP speaks up for clean diesel

Local MP Julian Knight has pressed ministers to consider the role of clean diesel in the Government’s push towards cleaner cars.

Julian Knight's Westminster Diary, 08/06/18

June is Scams Awareness Month, and as an MP I’m delighted to support this important drive to protect vulnerable people from a vicious and extremely costly crime.

Solihull at forefront of technical education revolution

Local MP Julian Knight has welcomed the news that the Government has named the first 52 colleges and education providers to offer the new ‘T Level’ – and that a local college may be amongst the first of the new ‘Institutes of Technology’.

Local MP joins MPs’ group to support clubs

Local MP Julian Knight has stepped up his support for some of Solihull’s most important social institutions by joining one of Parliament’s oldest organised groups.