Statement: The Brexit Deal

Solihull is one of the few boroughs in the UK to enjoy a trade surplus with the European Union. Not only do we have Jaguar Land Rover, Birmingham Airport, and the NEC but also a wide range of manufacturers and service providers which rely on frictionless and tariff free trade with the EU.

There are elements of the deal which I find difficult, particularly the backstop and how we would get out of it. However, the alternative of leaving the EU without a deal would lead to economic damage in Solihull and the country as a whole, costing jobs and peoples’ homes. Therefore, I feel it is my duty to take the option which best protects the interests of Solihull while still respecting the referendum result that we leave the EU.

Those who call for a second referendum are in essence looking for a different result than was expressed by the British public in June 2016 - this is something that I won’t support.