PM David Cameron backs Julian Knight's child safety online campaign

Prime Minister, David Cameron has given his backing to Solihull prospective MP, Julian Knight’s new campaign to protect the borough’s children online.

Julian Knight, who lives in Olton, Solihull is a published e-author and newspaper editor and has written extensively on internet safety in the past.

Now Julian has produced a handy guide for local schools, playgroups and Solihull’s parents to show them how to best protect their children from online dangers.  This guide is available free of charge.

Key tips for parents include regularly reviewing search histories on their child’s computer, disabling webcams, spotting cyber-bullying and downloading the latest anti-virus software.

Julian said “The internet can play a great part in the development of our children but let’s face it there are individual’s out there – from cyber bullies, to fraudsters and predators - who mean our kids harm. 

“However I hope with my free safety card, available to all Solihull parents, to better protect our children as they navigate the internet. The ultimate message is to get active, know what your kids are up too in cyberspace and create an environment where they can explore in total safety.”

The Conservative led government has recently launched a website to help parents and children navigate cyber space in greater safety -   

In addition, the Prime Minister has spoken out about the dangers of pornographic images online being viewed by our children.

Commenting on protecting children Online, Prime Minister David Cameron said; “I want Britain to be the best place to raise a family; a place where your children are safe, where there’s a sense of right and wrong and proper boundaries between them, where children are allowed to be children.”

Solihull Mum, Ms Treadgold, commented; “The internet is a minefield and as a parent it is hard to keep an eye on the kids all the time when they are on the computer. Julian’s handy guide shows me in an instant, ten quick and easy ways that will help me to keep my child a bit safer when they are online.”