Local MP speaks up for clean diesel

Local MP Julian Knight has pressed ministers to consider the role of clean diesel in the Government’s push towards cleaner cars.

Speaking during questions for the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy, he asked Claire Perry MP:

“As we rightly move towards eliminating the internal combustion engine from all new cars by 2040, does the Minister agree with me that in the short – medium term it is important to jobs and growth that we recognise the role of clean diesel engines, such as those that are in the cars that role off the production line in my local car plant?”

In response, the minister acknowledged that the elimination of the internal combustion engine had to be done “in a managed way that makes sure we preserve those jobs, and in particular the investment in clean diesel, during the transition to zero-emission vehicles.

Commenting on the news, Julian Knight said:

 “I was glad to hear the Minister acknowledge the importance of clean diesel to any sensible emissions strategy. In the wake of the Volkswagen scandal diesel drivers and manufacturers have been threatened with punitive regulation, but it’s a simple fact that modern diesel engines can run more cleanly than petrol.

“Jaguar Land Rover cars, built here in Solihull, are one of the UK’s leading exports and are sold all over the world. It’s vital that our industrial strategy provides a stable, sustainable future for British car manufacturing, and I will always speak up for Solihull jobs in the House of Commons.”

A video of Julian’s question, and the minister’s reply, can be found at 11:34:44 at the following link.