Local MP presses Prime Minister on JLR and clean diesel

Julian Knight MP has urged Theresa May to clarify the medium-term future of diesel cars at Prime Minister’s Questions this week.

In a question at Parliament’s most well-publicised event, he asked the Prime Minister to join him in celebrating Jaguar Land Rover’s 70th Anniversary. Julian celebrated it with JLR staff and local residents at ‘Land Rover Fest’ in Solihull town centre at the weekend.

He also reiterated that modern ‘clean diesel’ engines – such as those produced at JLR’s Lode Lane plant – have a vital role to play in any sensible strategy for moving towards the mass adoption of electric cars, and pressed the Government to secure a good trade deal with the EU which would support Britain’s manufacturers and exporters.

Julian asked the Prime Minister:

“Last week I attended celebrations marking 70 years of production of the Great British Land Rover, will the Prime Minister join me in congratulating the workers of Solihull; commit to securing post Brexit global trade deals; and recognise that new clean diesel engines have a role to play for years to come.”

In reply, Theresa May said:

“Can I first of all congratulate all workers at Land Rover for 70 years of production, and my Hon. Friend is absolutely right, as we look at leaving the European Union it gives us an opportunity to be in a position to conduct our own trade policy, to sign our own trade agreements with countries around the world.

"My Hon. Friend raises a specific point about cleaner diesel engines, this can play an important part in reducing CO2 emissions from road transport and could reduce CO2 emissions further whilst meeting ever more stringent air quality standards during the transition to zero emissions vehicles. This country is leading on this issue of zero emission vehicles and Land Rover are playing their part.”

Commenting on the exchange, Julian Knight said:

“Solihull is one of Britain’s great exporting towns, and for seven decades now Jaguar Land Rover is a big part of that story. It’s essential that the Government offers British manufacturers the support and certainty they need to continue to invest in towns such as ours as we leave the EU.

“I’m pleased that the Prime Minister acknowledged the importance of modern diesel cars in the medium-term as we prepare to move away from traditional fuels, and I will continue to speak up for Solihull employers and workers in the House of Commons.”