Local MP meets senior police officer to discuss community concerns

Local MP Julian Knight has held a face-to-face meeting with Lee Wharmby, the Chief Superintendent of West Midlands Police, to raise residents’ concerns about local crime.

The two discussed car crime in the wake of several cases of so-called ‘car cannibalism’ in the town, as well as burglaries and housebreakings.

Julian also raised the recent vandalism of Hillfield Park, and pressed the police on what measures are being taken to protect Solihull’s green and public spaces from petty criminals over the summer.

Speaking after the meeting, Julian Knight said:

“I regularly meet with Chief Superintendent Wharmby and talk to him directly about some of the concerns local residents have raised with me and my team.

“This sort of contact is essential to the sort of community-led policing we need in Solihull, and I am always glad to amplify the voices of victims of crime and those concerned by it. We’re very fortunate to have a great local policing team here in Solihull, and I have always found them very responsive when I raise issues with them.

“I am particularly keen to ensure that our parks and public spaces have proper protection as we move into the summer. In recent years these have too often been hijacked and spoiled by antisocial individuals, and I hope the police will do everything necessary to safeguard them for the public.”