Local MP makes headlines as head of Fairer Fuel campaign

Julian Knight MP has received national press recognition for his leading role in the campaign to stand up for motorists.

As the newly-elected chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Fairer Fuel, Julian has spoken out against Government plans for a so-called ‘toxin tax’ on diesel cars, proposed in the wake of the Volkswagen fuel emissions scandal.

His insistence that ministers should work with industry to find practical solutions, rather than levying punitive taxes on people who acted in good faith and made what they were told was the green choice, has received widespread coverage in the national media including the Daily Mail, The Times, the Daily Telegraph, and The Sun.

Commenting on the campaign, Julian said:

“My colleagues and are determined to be a strong voice for drivers in Parliament, and we’re delighted that we’re already being heard loud and clear.

We believe that the Government has an important role to play in the drive towards clean cars – but it is wrong to punish ordinary motorists and businesses for the actions of a few unscrupulous manufacturers.

“Rather than putting the squeeze on families and businesses, we should be helping them transition away from diesel – and sending the bill to those who misled the regulators and the public for so long.”