Knight backs calls to ban eating dog meat

Julian Knight MP has offered his support to calls to ban the consumption of dog meat in the United Kingdom as an example to the rest of the world.

On Tuesday 16th October, Julian joined other MPs at a parliamentary event organised by the World Dog Alliance in support of their new campaign against legal loopholes which allow dogs to be eaten in Britain.

Whilst UK law currently prohibits the sale of dog meat, or its production in abattoirs, actually eating it remains legal. Now MPs and campaigners have joined forces to urge the Government to close this loophole.

Speaking after the meeting, Julian said:

“Here in Britain we pride ourselves on our world-leading approach to animal welfare standards, and I’m sure that the vast majority of the public share my view that it’s past time that eating dogs was outlawed for good.

“Dogs raised for slaughter are treated appallingly, subject to cruel abuse far from the eyes of regulators or the public. We must seize this opportunity to show global leadership and set an example for other countries, where consumption of dog meat is common.”