Julian Knight launches campaign to save Solihull's Ring and Ride scheme

Local bus campaigner, Julian Knight has called Centro's plans to scrap Solihull's Ring and Ride bus service "callous and an attack on our elderly residents."

Asked  to make major savings this year, Centro has included the Ring and Ride service which allows elderly people in Solihull, for a charge, to request that a minibus stops at their home at an appointed  time to give them a lift to town or to a hospital appointment.

Julian Knight, who is battling to save the number 73 bus service between Solihull and Heartlands Hospital from the axe, said of this latest threat to the Ring and Ride:  "This is a callous move and an attack on our elderly residents.   It has been done on the quiet just before Christmas, maybe they hoped that no one would notice but like the number 73 bus service, which is also under threat, the Ring and Ride is crucial.   It keeps some of our most elderly residents in touch with the community, allowing them to get out and about to go shopping, visit friends and relatives or keep medical appointments.   If the Ring and Ride is axed it will condemn many of our elderly to a lonely existence. It must be kept and savings made elsewhere."

Julian has protested about the cuts with fellow campaigner Margaret Bassett, Councillor Robert Hulland (Silhill) and regular Ring and Ride user, Mrs Garfield. 

Mrs Garfield said of the Ring and Ride: "I recently had to stop driving so the Ring and Ride scheme has become a lifeline to me and now they plan to close it. I have paid my taxes and national insurance all my working life and now they want to take away this vital service - it isn't fair."

Robert Hulland, Silhill Councillor said “Any changes to bus services must consider the impact on our elderly residents.”

Julian Knight is to ask Centro for an urgent explanation of their plans.