Julian Knight's Westminster Diary, 15/02/18

I am a long-standing opponent of charges for hospital car parking. I don’t think it right that people who need to visit hospital, especially those seeking treatment for chronic illnesses such as cancer, face the burden of extra charges at what is already a very difficult time.

Julian Knight's Westminster Diary, 19/01/18

Like so many of you, I was scandalised to read about how Simon Price, the former Chief Executive of Birmingham Dogs Home (BDH), colluded with his ex-partner Alayna to embezzled almost £1 million.

Julian Knight's Westminster Diary, 14/12/17

It may seem a little early to be writing a Christmas column, but due recent changes to the Observer’s column schedule this is my last appearance in these pages before the holiday season.

Julian Knight's Westminster Diary: 23/11/17

The Budget is one of the biggest events in the political calendar. Every year, the Chancellor stands up in the House of Commons and sets out the Government’s spending plans for the year ahead.

Julian Knight's Westminster Diary: 02/11/17

This week, I joined Young Enterprise and dozens of young people to award the prizes for this year’s My Money Week competition. This is an annual contest in which school pupils from across the nation take part in challenges related to financial skills and money.

Julian Knight's Westminster Diary: 12/10/17

This week I stood up in the House of Commons and gave vent to your anger about the unacceptable disruption and distress caused by the recent spate of incursions into Solihull’s green spaces.

Julian Knight's Westminster Diary: 15/08/17

I’m sure that like me, you were looking forward to spending the summer months enjoying our town’s many green and open spaces. So I’m sure you also share my disappointment that so many of our parks and playing fields have been occupied or threatened by illegal camps.