Defending Our Green Belt

Julian Knight recognises the importance of striking the right balance between developing our town and defending the environment.

Securing Solihull's Police

Julian Knight hasn’t just been speaking up for Solihull in Westminster – he’s also been campaigning to make sure that all local bodies properly serve the needs of our community too.

Securing our Local NHS

Making sure Solihull has the NHS services it deserves has been one of Julian Knight’s top priorities since he first stood for election in 2015.

Recognising Solihull's Volunteers

Volunteers are the unsung heroes of any community. A huge number of the services we depend on and social clubs we enjoy depend on their efforts – yet very often they go unrecognised and unrewarded.

Fighting for Better Broadband

High-speed internet is fast becoming one of life’s essentials: not only does it keep communities connected but research shows that fast access to the web can help local businesses grow twice as fast.

Regenerating PowerGen

The old PowerGen building in Shirley is finally being demolished after a hard-fought campaign by local Conservative candidate Julian Knight.